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In general, business owners can be held accountable for injuries caused by hazardous conditions on their premises. However, there are occasional exceptions, such as when a hazard poses a clear threat; in such instances, the property owner may be able to avoid liability. Recently, a Florida court clarified a property owner’s responsibilities in the context of open and obvious hazards. If you were hurt in a fall on someone else’s property, it is in your best interest to talk to a  Florida personal injury lawyer about what you must show to recover damages.

Details of the Case

Allegedly, the plaintiff went to the defendant’s boathouse to have his boat serviced. He stepped on the sea wall as he walked to the dock to board the boat. Unfortunately, he landed on a divot and his foot slipped out from under him. He then fell and suffered injuries. He subsequently filed a lawsuit against the defendant, asserting that the defendant’s negligent refusal to repair the sea wall caused him to fall and sustain injuries. The defendant moved to dismiss the plaintiff’s claims.  The court granted the motion and the plaintiff appealed. The trial court’s decision was overturned on appeal.

Liability for Damages Caused by Clearly Dangerous Conditions

The main issue on appeal was whether the defendant was liable for the plaintiff’s injuries because the condition that produced them was open and obvious. The court emphasized that, in most cases, a company owner has no need to safeguard a customer entering their property from dangers that they are aware of or that are so evident and obvious that they could reasonably be expected to notice. Continue reading

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